What is an A4UC Patron? 

A4UC Patrons are essential, continuous supporters of our program whose contributions allow us to focus on our artists and causes we serve. 

Benefits of being an A4UC Patron: 

Have the opportunity to be recognized on our site and at events
All donations are tax-deductible 
 Artist Made + Designed Gifts from A4UC

So, where does my money go?


- helping reduce artist space rental fees

- creating Artist Participation Scholarship opportunities


- raising awareness about causes we support 

- helping us reach new artists and patrons through advertising

Tech/Web Fees

- allowing us to allocate more money to the causes we support by lowering our operational expenses 

- improving our productivity to grow our art program

Event Fees

- upgrading venue locations 

- lowering our venue rental fees

- allowing us to hold longer term exhibits

How do I become a Patron?

If you would like to be recognized (at our events and on our patron page), please sign up using the log in button below.
After you've signed up, select the "Become a Patron!" button. 
If you would like to remain anonymous, go straight to selecting the "Become a Patron!" button.