Meet Our Members!

Founding Members / Artists

D'Mya Sanford

East Carolina University

Founder, President 

Shaina Platt

College of Charleston


Chief Creative Officer

George Kostantinis

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Chief Operations Officer 

Priscilla Banuelos

North Carolina State University

Chief Marketing Officer


George Kostantinis 

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Head of Hospitality 


Shaina Platt

College of Charleston

Shaina Platt is a young artist studying Studio Arts and Art History at the College of Charleston. She works to create interesting painting with elements if surrealism.

Evan Goldhagen

Ardrey Kell High School

I have been blowing glass since I was 8 and have somewhat recently gotten into other more traditional 2d mediums.

Madison Hagey 

Ardrey Kell High School

We love art here and wholesome love.

Avery Szakacs

Ardrey Kell High School

Avery Szakacs is a junior at Ardrey Kell High School. She aims to show the beauty of the ordinary through her artwork and aims to have a funky time.

Curtis Cheung

Ardrey Kell High School

Curtis is a senior at Ardrey Kell.

Aditi Salunkhe

Ardrey Kell High School

I'm a junior at Ardrey Kell and love creating various forms of art!

Max DiGaetano

Ardrey Kell High School

Max DiGaetano is a normal human artist that enjoys human activities & human interests. Max spends 80% of the time creating things & the other 20% thinking about creating things. Max is very passionate about human stuff like video games & robot rights.

Ridhi Yarlagadda

Ardrey Kell High School

I am a sophomore at Ardrey Kell High School. I've been interested in art my whole life, but it wasn't until 4 years ago when I become serious about it.

Kimberly Hoang

Ardrey Kell High School

Hello, I like art.

Emelia Clark 

Ardrey Kell High School

I am a student at AK who loves science, math, and photography. I like to do travel photography and hang out with my friends and family all the time. I love environmental science a lot, and I want to show the environment's beauty with my photos.


Kelli Crockett

Ardrey Kell High School

Kelli Crockett is the award-winning author of Nightmares and Red Palms, Looking for Lily, and 60 Days of Salt and Sand. She works as a commissioned artist through Crocketagne Art and will be attending UNCC's Honors Art program in the fall of 2019.

Julia Lutton

University of North Carolina at Wilmington

I am attending UNCW with a major in studio art and a minor in entrepreneurship. My favorite forms of art are painting, photography, and ceramics.

Penelli Yang

Ardrey Kell High School

I'm Penelli and I enjoy creating both digital and traditional art. I usually make portraits but sometimes I paint on shoes to! I hope to inspire others with my art in the future.

Laasya Bodepudi

Ardrey Kell High School

Hi, my name is Laasya Bodepudi.

Emily Lo

Ardrey Kell High School

I draw art a lot. Recreating classic pieces from Monet or Van Gogh is fun. I enjoy helping out the community and making art so why not hit two birds with one stone?

Brian Reese Massey

College of Charleston

Support me and I’ll support your wall.

Desmond Killian

Ardrey Kell High School

Desmond Killian is a self-taught artist and a student at Ardrey Kell high school. Desmond is a member of the Ardrey Kell marching band and pit orchestra. In his free time, he enjoys creating digital illustrations on his iPad and practicing trombone.

Tahlya Mock 

University of North Carolina at Charlotte

18 year old Black Architect Major but Artist at heart.

Henry Tran

Ardrey Kell High School

I honestly don’t know what I am doing but one thing is for sure. I love to create art period.

Telfair Epperson

Charlotte Catholic 

High School

My name is Telfair Epperson and I go to Charlotte Catholic HS. I love to read and write, to draw and paint, and to get tons of sleep yet stay awake until four in the morning. I am always thinking of new things to create in order to challenge minds.

Paris Arthur

Ardrey Kell High School

It is my mission to capture black women in all their beauty.

Sarah Jung 

Ardrey Kell High School

Hello! My name is Sarah and I'm a sophomore at AK... The arts make me very happy, so I'm very happy to be here !! I hope you have a lovely day. :,)

Allie Fleury

Providence High School 

I’m an artist who loves people and the environment and treating both with kindness and respect.

Ellie Loor

Providence Day 

High School

Ellie is a sixteen year old artist with interests in comics, multimedia, and promoting DIY ethics through her work. She publishes and distributes a zine, Relatively Optional, and is on the yearbook staff at her school.

Jenna Poeschl

Ardrey Kell High School

I like painting.

Marietta Pattison

Ardrey Kell High School

a fashion icon and sophomore at ardrey kell.

Leila Chiddick

Ardrey Kell High School

I am Leila Chiddick. I have shown an interest in art since the age of 8 years old and I have always loved sharing my artwork with those around me. I hope to grow in my techniques and abilities through the visual art.

Joseph Navarro

Ardrey Kell High School

A 16 year old photographer who’s here for all the fun and who loves to travel, especially to the mountains. I Mostly do photography on landscape and wildlife, but always aspire to try new things. See y’all on the FLIP SIDE. God bless?

Sonia Zhu

Ardrey Kell High School

A lil bean with big dreams.

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