Coming Soon! Prospective Launch = June

Introducing Art For Unity Charlotte's New Art Collective:




ARTFOR was created as an opportunity for artists to stay involved with A4UC on a continuous basis rather than just from show to show like in the past. 
Why was ARTFOR created?

ARTFOR is open to new and old members of Art For Unity, 18+* (*special permission available dependent on past participation and artistic achievements) 

ARTFOR is a group of artists driven to constantly improving society through charity. 

Who can be in ARTFOR?
What is ARTFOR?

How do I become an ARTFOR Collective Member?

1. Sign up to become a member
2. Go to the "Artist Application" tab on the member menu 
3. Scroll down to the ARTFOR Application and apply! 
Acceptance is rolling, expect a decision email within 2 weeks

What do I get to do once I'm in?

  • Post your art into our Print Shop and receive commission when you sell something
  • Express your thoughts on Art+Art Culture through blog posts
  • You have the option to apply to participate in our Art For Unity Charlotte art shows (membership does not 100% guarantee a spot)
  • Pay your $8 monthly membership fee to maintain membership (we aren't money hungry monsters, we just have to be able to keep the lights on and help promote your work) 

This is great and all, but why wouldn't I just sell my own prints on a free website?

​Big online marketplaces typically don't aid in the advertisement of your work, so you end up relying 100% on your personal social media following to *maybe* click the link in your bio to buy something. We've created this opportunity because like many artists who aren't famous yet, past participants, and artists in our committee, everyone has difficulty trying to sell their work by themselves on popular art selling platforms. However, with the ARTFOR Print Marketplace, part of your $8/$3 membership fee goes directly toward advertising and promotion of work you've created.   

ARTFOR's Ultimate Goals: 

  • Give artists exhibition over exposure
  • Gain enough membership to host an ARTFOR member showcase ​
  • Gain members from multiple artistic disciplines (fashion, film, performance)
  • Have the capacity to sell original art 
  • Create a zine/eventually a magazine
  • Become an influential voice in art culture